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IVF Doctors in Anand - Fertility & IVF Specialists

Dr. Dipan Thakkar

Dr. Dipan Thakkar

Advance Fertility | Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Specialization: MD (OBS and Gynaecology)
Dr. Usha Thakkar

Dr. Dipan Thakkar

Advance Fertility | Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Specialization: MD (OBS and Gynaecology)
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Best IVF Treatment in Anand

Usha Nursing Home is a leading IVF clinic in Anand that strives to provide best-in-class, holistic IVF treatment. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are one of Anand's best IVF clinic.Usha IVF is a well-known and top-rated IVF clinic in Anand. In Anand, we provide top-notch fertility treatment at a reasonable price. Couples who are experiencing infertility issues can now be treated, thanks to advances in medical science. In a very short period, we were able to achieve a high success rate in IVF treatment in India. Anand is the most popular city for IVF treatment in Gujarat.

Best Fertility Centre in Anand – Usha IVF

  • 400+ IVF Pregnancies
  • 600+ IUI Pregnancies
  • 20,000+ Infertility Patients Treated
  • 30+ Years of Experience


Infertility Services

We are leaders in treating infertility with IVF and all types of infertility treatments with the highest accuracy rates. Our goal is to eliminate infertility, and we intend to provide you with all of the necessary resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy. We've also faced and overcome a variety of difficult challenges while maintaining the utmost patience and achieving the highest success rate for IVF.

Natural Cycle IVF

Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

Intrauterine Insemination

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Ovum, Sperm & Embryo Donation

Blastocyst Culture



Surrogacy Treatment





How IVF Treatment is done?

obesity and infertility treatment in anand

A session with Usha IVF Consultant

thyroid and infertility treatment in females

Personalized Treatment Plans and Counselling

Treatment of Less Sperm count Oligozoospermia in Anand

Stimulation, Fertilization, Embryo Culture & Transfer

laser hatching in ivf in anand

Pregnancy Test
After IVF


best fertility clinic in India
Delivering Highest Pregnancy Rates

With a comprehensive range of services, including personalized treatments for male and female infertility, genetic testing, and surrogacy, self-cycle has a pregnancy rate of around 72%*.

Best Ivf Doctor In Anand
Infrastructure and Advanced Technology

AI-enabled incubators, microscopes, 4D USG (ultrasound) machine, and RI witness to protect embryo identity so that embryos and gametes are not mixed up.

Ectopic pregnancy and Infertility in anand
Science and Technology

Usha IVF is the only organization dedicated to researching the causes of infertility in different ethnic groups, genetics, ovarian reserve and rejuvenation, embryo quality markers, embryo culture, hormonal stimulation and cell chemistry.

Highest Ethical Standards and Transparency
Highest Ethical Standards and Transparency

There are no unnecessary tests or procedures, and an electronic witnessing system is used to monitor all activities in the IVF lab. Every time samples are moved from one dish or tube to another, this helps to reduce the risk of human error and protects every step of the IVF cycle.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Guaranteed Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction and safety are two of the most important factors to consider. A highly trained medical staff, including nurses and professional counsellors, is on hand to address medical needs and questions.

Transparent Pricing for IVF Treatment
Transparent Pricing for IVF Treatment

To improve the patient experience and keep patients financially motivated, Usha IVF employs a transparent pricing system.

Fertility Counseling with a Personal Touch
Fertility Counseling with a Personal Touch

Usha IVF has a team of experienced fertility counsellors and doctors who are committed to improving the fertility health of males and females.

Doctor with over 30 years of experience
Doctor with over 30 years of experience

Improve your fertility treatment and care with better healthcare, as well as timely guidance and support from a medical panel with decades of experience.


Our patients' love and appreciation

I really want to share that commitment towards patients of Dr. Dipan Thacker and Dr. Usha Thacker is very exceptional. I have always witnessed positivity and warmness during my every visits. Team of Medical officer, nurses, admin staff are really friendly and professional in rendering services with humanity.

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Hospital environment ia very friendly, Dr. Dipan sir treats so nicely. I have taken treatment of many Doctors but there is no result, after met Dr. Dipan sir and he councelling me for IVF treatment and now my dream come true to became mother. I have one baby boy.All staff are full supported and specially Dr. Anupa madam is also treated so nicely.

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Geeta Panchal


My delivery has been done on 29th may 2020. Hospital environment is very friendly. Dr. Dipan thakkar treats so nicely. He personally meets patients and give good advice. As a new mom to be I have more doubts In my mind as first delivery but dr has guided me nd i followed the same.

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Bharti Sampat



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